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The Next Generation Shopping Experience

Through our innovative technology and unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the environment, we aim to make online shopping a personalized, empowering, and eco-friendly experience, where we embrace the individual and all their uniqueness.

Our mission

We are on a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience by creating a seamless, tailored journey that acknowledge the diversity of human bodies and eliminates the barriers of size and fit.

We aspire to give confidence and self-assurance to every individual regardless of their shape, size, or style preferences.


New store: Anni&Co

The Zizr universe keeps growing and this week we welcome our newest partner - Anni&Co!

Zizr is accelerating growth by joining the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Zizr is proud to announce that we have been chosen to participate in the Microsoft for...

New store: Phrase!

The Zizr universe keeps growing and this week we welcome our newest partner - PHRASE!

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An optimized customer experience

Empower Shoppers to Fine-Tune Their preferences

Enable your customers to customize their fit preferences, enhancing their shopping experience. As they adjust their fit profiles, our intelligent algorithms adapt to deliver increasingly relevant and personalized size recommendations, ensuring a tailored and satisfying online shopping journey.

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Create your own Zizr-ID

With your very own Zizr-ID you'll be able to shop across all stores using Zizr and get size recommendations based on your purchase and returns history. Your size recommendations are continuously adjusted after your preferences and

Our partners and alliances

Zizr collaborates with a diverse range of partners across the world that provide platform solutions to low and high-end e-commerce stores. Zizr also partners with sustainable organizations to integrate environmentally responsible practices into its operations. This partner network is essential to Zizr's growth and success.

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Corporate Social resposibility

Explore our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) page to learn more about how we are making a difference in the communities we serve and the world around us.

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