About us

Zizr is an innovative technology platform designed to revolutionize the online shopping experience by creating a personalized and tailored journey for each shopper.

It aims to acknowledge the diversity of human bodies and eliminate the barriers of size and fit, helping shoppers fine-tune their preferences and get accurate size recommendations.

The technology behind Zizr is based on advanced machine learning algorithms that adapt to deliver increasingly relevant and personalized size recommendations as users adjust their fit profiles.

This initiative is part of Zizr's mission to provide a sustainable, profitable, and personalized shopping experience, reducing unnecessary returns and associated carbon emissions, and saving time and money for its users.

Transforming online shopping

We envision a world where every individual feels empowered, confident, and joyful while shopping online.

We believe that the essence of shopping is not merely a transaction, but a deeply personal experience that reflects one's unique identity and shapes how they present themselves to the world.

Zizr is a hyper personalized shopping platform, we help reduce unnecessary returns, save time, money and carbon emissions while making it easier to choose the right size when shopping online. Sizing solved also means fewer abandoned baskets.