New store: Anni&Co

The Zizr universe keeps growing and this week we welcome our newest partner - Anni&Co! 

Discover Anni&Co, a Norwegian boutique that has inspired the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts since 2012. This hidden gem specializes in clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and even charming interior items. With a strong emphasis on Scandinavian brands, Anni&Co has curated a collection that reflects the essence of Nordic fashion.
Anni&Co takes great pride in delivering top-notch service and promoting environmentally friendly practices. By carefully selecting high-quality brands, they empower customers to make sustainable fashion choices. Their mission is simple: provide long-lasting, beloved garments that bring joy with every wear.
With Anni&Co, fashion becomes an enchanting journey, where each visit or unwrapping moment fills you with delight.
Together we will make it easier to purchase the right size and reduce tedious returns - in order to eliminate unnecessary production, pollution and littering. 



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