The Importance of Fit over Sizing and the Role of Personal Preferences

The retail industry has faced a growing problem of returns due to incorrect sizing. Although size charts and standardized measurements have contributed to mitigating this issue, a more nuanced understanding of fit and the limitations of mathematics in capturing personal preferences is crucial.

Traditional size charts and standardized measurements have long been the go-to method for addressing sizing concerns. However, focusing solely on size misses an important aspect of the shopping experience: fit. Fit refers to how well a garment conforms to an individual's unique body shape, taking into account factors such as comfort, silhouette, and style.

Mathematics can provide general guidance for sizing based on measurements, but it cannot fully capture the essence of personal preferences. Every consumer has their unique tastes, comfort levels, and style preferences, which are subjective and challenging to quantify through mathematical models. As a result, relying solely on size charts and measurements may lead to dissatisfaction and ultimately, returns. 

The Impact of Excessive Questions on Customer Experience: Striking the Right Balance

The online shopping experience has evolved over the years, with retailers increasingly focusing on personalization to better cater to individual preferences. However, asking customers multiple questions about their body type and weight is creating friction and discomfort in the customer journey.

The downside of Excessive Questions

  1. Friction in the Customer Journey: 
    Asking too many questions about personal details, such as body type and weight, creates friction in the customer journey. This added complexity may discourage potential buyers from completing the purchase, leading to higher abandonment rates and lost sales opportunities.

  2. Uncomfortable Questions: 
    Queries about body type and weight are uncomfortable for some customers to answer. This discomfort may result in inaccurate information or reluctance to engage with the retailer, undermining the effectiveness of personalization efforts.

  3. Privacy Concerns:
    Collecting sensitive information about a customer's body and weight may raise privacy concerns, potentially damaging the trust between the retailer and the customer.

“We need to rethink how sizing is done.”

- Petter Hellevik, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Zizr

To avoid the pitfalls of excessive questioning, retailers can, with Sizing Solved adopt alternative approaches that balance personalization with a seamless customer experience:

With Sizing Solved, customers can fine-tune their fit preferences before entering the purchasing journey and thereby avoid being questioned about uncomfortable topics.

An easy-to-use interface allows customers to provide live feedback on their desired fit, comfort level, and style. From there, our state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms analyze inputs and takes into account preferences and purchase history to generate a personalized recommendation for size and fit.

Our AI-driven platform continually learns from customer feedback, refining its recommendations over time to provide even better suggestions as they shop. This innovative approach not only simplifies the purchasing process but also ensures a higher level of satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of returns due to size or fit issues.


If applied right, Zizr will revolutionize how sizing is done and allow retailers to:

  1. Minimal Input, Maximum Output:
    Focus on collecting only the most essential information required to provide accurate size and fit recommendations. Leverage AI and machine learning algorithms to derive valuable insights from limited data, reducing the need for intrusive questioning.

  2. Encourage Feedback:
    Enable customers to provide feedback on size and fit after a purchase. This feedback can be used to improve future recommendations and adapt to individual preferences without relying on questioning.

  3. Instant recommendations:
    Offer customers an instant recommendation on the product landing page reduces friction and uncertainty and results in higher conversions.

It’s time that we embrace the differences between people and start treating them like the unique individuals that they are.”

- Søren Hveisel, Chief Executive Officer, Zizr


Our promise: The Next Generation Shopping Experience

Through our innovative technology and unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the environment, we aim to make online shopping a joyful, empowering, and eco-friendly experience that allows everyone to express their true selves with confidence. Together, let us weave a fabric of unity and acceptance, where every individual can stand tall, shine brightly, and feel the warmth of the world embracing them in all their uniqueness.

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