«How tall are you, what do you weigh and what kind of booty do you have?”

As the internet is swirling with online stores and endless possibilities, and consumer expectations are ever-increasing, it has never been more important to deliver great customer experience. If you’ve ever been shopping clothing and shoes online, we’re sure you’ve experienced the frustration that comes with picking the right size and having to return items that doesn´t fit. 

How much do you weigh?

The goal is simple. Present the right products to the consumer, persuade them to buy and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase- and shopping experience. It's easy to do in theory, but in reality it's more complex. 

Take for example size- and fit recommendations, a big part of the shopping experience when it comes to clothing and shoes.  

In a world influenced by body ideals and increased body focus, there has never been more mental health issues relating to body image. As a consumer you do not enjoy being asked intimidating and invasive questions about your height, weight and booty size. So why should your store be asking these questions? 

The next generation shopping experience

As predicted, hyper-personalization and simplification of everyday tasks and needs are no longer an exclusive feature, but a hygiene factor in customer relations- and digital strategy. With ever-increasing expectations, the consumers are demanding businesses to know them and provide for their needs. As well as making it convenient and easy.  

Creating the ultimate customer experience in your online store might seem complex, but it doesn´t have to be so. Sizing solved is an essential building block in the next generations shopping experience. It is hyper-personalized and customizable, all packaged in a sustainable way of shopping.  

Enter Zizr.

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